Can Debt Consolidation be bankruptcy alternative?

Bankruptcy filing has the effect in two ways; one of them is that you will get relief from your debt and the harassment of your creditors or collection agencies, but the other effect is that you will hurt your credit report heavily. Your credit report will show it for the next 8 years that you have filed bankruptcy. This report will have negative effect on creditors for future needs of loan for you. Most of the lenders will charge high rate of interest if they agree to provide you loans.

Now the question comes can debt consolidation be the alternative of bankruptcy? The answer is “yes”. First of all you need to understand the basics of debt consolidation. Debt Consolidation program combines all you debts in a single monthly payment. You will pay to the consolidation company and they will pay to all your creditors. Here your total payment towards creditors will decrease a certain amount. So if you can consolidate your debt then you can certainly avoid bankruptcy filing. Of course, you must have that position to pay the monthly payment to the consolidation company. Overall debt consolidation is really a good service to avoid bankruptcy.