Don’t let an inaccurate credit reporting blemish your credit ratings

Check your credit history before applying for any new credit. Your future lenders will review your credit ratings thorough and figure out if they should be extending any new credit to you. If you are alert about your credit ratings and check your credit history before any negative item starts hurting your credit potential, you will be able to fix up everything in the right time and won’t be denied by your future lenders.

Credit reporting agencies handle zillions and zillions of consumers’ files. Since they are handling such a huge database, the errors are expected on a consumer’s credit copy. As an individual, you have to be concerned about your credit ratings and fix credit report in the right time. There were some cases where a person reviewing his credit report discovered that he was listed as deceased on his credit copy. Someone with the same name had died and the credit reporting agency recorded the information on the wrong report.

The most common mistake made by the credit reporting agencies is listing items on your credit report that don’t belong to you. If your name is very common, you can expect these kinds of errors more often.

Fix credit report before it gets too late and you are denied of new credit by your potential lenders. They will report inquiries on your credit report. Any future lender viewing your credit file will see you being denied credit by a lender which you may have never applied for the credit. You should be able to take care of these inaccuracies in the right time.

How you can set these records straight: The moment you find any error on your credit copy, you should contact the credit reporting agency and dispute the item. As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureaus are legally required to report accurate information from your information providers. If you think the item(s) are reported incorrectly, they should be removed from your file immediately after investigating with the information providers. You can file a dispute online, by phone or by a certified letter. Your letter should include the following information.
  • Your complete name and address, date of birth and the social security number.
  • The item that you are disputing along with the name of the company.
  • Your reasons of filing the dispute, any correction to your personal information and a request for the correction.
If you have documentations to back up your dispute, it will speed up the process. The credit reporting agency will verify the information from your credit grantors. If they are unable to verify it, the item has to be deleted from your credit copy. If the investigation done could not bring out any positive results in your favor, you can ask the credit bureau to publish your 100 word statement on your credit report that will define your reasons of disputing the item.

Accurate negative information will stay on the credit report for seven years. If you have filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, it will stay for ten years. If you have certain accurate negative information, it will stay for seven years and you will have to live with it. The best way to prevent your credit ratings from getting spoilt is to pay your bills on time and start building a spotless record.

Is your credit card costing you more money?

Many people do not give a deeper thought on the credit card they use and the associated costs involved with it. While you may be aware of the charges and interest rates before applying for the card, there are other hidden fees and charges mentioned in the fine print and often many of us don’t review it carefully. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars in such charges before realizing it. If you have done a strong budgeting on your finance, the hidden credit card fees can be real drain on your finance. Here are few tips that will help you to understand the fees structure of the credit cards and steps to avoid them.

Every credit card account has a grace period after the due date and you can pay the amount without accruing additional interest rates or fees. Nowadays many credit card companies are wiping off this grace period and this means that if you are even one day late, you will be charged penalties. These penalties along with the interest rates and fees will be excessively high and it can be double the amount you already spent on the card. Check the fine print of the credit card company very thoroughly. If there is no grace period mentioned on the papers, then you should look for another company that is more user friendly.

Late fees add up very quickly. Be sure that you know about the late fees of your credit card company and the circumstances under which it is charged. The late fees were not so costly earlier. It has increased dramatically in the past several years. And if the credit card company is not offering you a grace period, then you will be spending a lot just on the interests and fees. Be proactive. Try to pay your bills on the same day when you have got the statement from the credit card company. This way, there will be a less chance of forgetting about this payment and missing the due date. Once you are late on your payment, the credit card company will report to the credit bureau and you will see a negative remark on your credit report. If the interest rate was less while you applied for the credit card and now if you got late in your payment once or missed it, there is a chance that the interest rates will be increased permanently even if you pay your bills with the next due dates. Read the fine prints carefully

Your finance will be in good shape if you know about your credit card charges thoroughly. It is in your hands to keep the interest rates on your credit card lower, and avoid the hidden charges, late fees. The amount you save here is the amount you can keep aside in your savings account and do some mutual funds investments. Managing your credit wisely is the key to your financial stability. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your credit card company thoroughly. You should have the same knowledge about your other revolving accounts like car loans, student or installment loans. By making your payments on time and in full, you will be saving a lot for your future and live comfortably.

Process credit cards at the flea market

If you have a business in a flea market, you have the ability to accept customers with credit cards. Credit card holders spend more money on their cards, so you can target them to increase your business size. You will be able to give them the option to swipe their cards on site and increase your sales volume.

Many people start up their small scale business in the flea market and they don’t have adequate funds and compare different credit cards companies to open a merchant account with a bank. You have to purchase expensive equipment from the credit card company to be able to swipe the customer’s card at your flea market booth. Since you have just started up your business, you need to spend on other important things that will keep your business rolling. If you have a booth in the flea market and you want to target the credit card holders, you will be able to do that by using a satellite internet connection to send the credit card details to the processor. All this will be done by paying a nominal fee.

You can use a telephone to process the credit card payments from your customers. You can get a merchant account that allows you to use their toll free number; you will enter your personal account number to verify your business, and then you will enter the credit card details of your customer. The transaction will be processed and will instantly tell you if the credit card account has the funds available for their purchase and you can proceed with the sale. It’s a very easy process and you can increase your sales volume by targeting on the credit card customers. You will enter the customer’s credit card number on the order form and keep it for your documentation. Just in case, if the transaction didn’t get through because of some technical problems or due to some other reasons, you will be able to enter the information again and process the transaction.

The fee for this type of transaction is also very nominal. You don’t have to compare different credit card companies and buy their expensive equipments for swiping customer’s cards. You may pay a joining fee of $5 and enroll your business, and then there may be another charge of $100 to set the account and a $5 monthly fee. When you are processing credit cards by phone, you will get a discount of at least 3% to 4% on each transaction.

This method is much easier especially when you have just started your business in the flea market and need money to create stock. Without having any profit, you may not be able to afford spending money on the electronic gadget from the credit card company. Later, when your business is doing well and you have increased your sales volume, you always have this option and compare credit cards companies for this feature.

Preparing for the unexpected

Many people don’t like to discuss about their financial problems with each other. Unemployment is the main reason of the financial ruin. The situation can become unavoidable if you are doing a poor planning with your finance. People in credit card debts are getting regular and harassing phone calls from their creditors, collection agencies. They are been called repeatedly at work, home, and sending collection notices to their emails or mailing address. People in such hard situation are not only being stacked by the creditors but are also getting rejected from potential employers. Each and every single day can get painful. The key to surviving unemployment or an abrupt interruption in employment and not having a blemish on your credit report is to create emergency funds. Develop a plan which includes purchasing credit insurance, and contacting your creditors to work out some kind of arrangements.

The first and foremost thing that everyone should do, whether you have credit cards or not, is to set aside some funds for emergencies. This way you will be able to cover your household expenses, food and rent. Make an effort to cover your payments for credit cards, loans, for up to six months in that emergency fund. You will have some peace of mind when you have the emergency funds ready and while you are seeking employment.

Tarjetas de credito is the Spanish term of credit cards. When you are applying for credit card, look for the best offers and the available credit. You should check out the interest rates and perks to the credit insurance. Different credit card companies have schemes like credit insurance that can cover your monthly payments up to a certain period of time. This will be a great help if you are unemployed or temporarily disabled. The interests will still accrue on your outstanding balance, but if you have credit insurance, your creditors will not mark missed payments on your credit report. This will stop any blemishes on your credit ratings.

If you have ran out of your emergency funds, it is time you should start contacting your credit card companies and make them aware of your situation. Tell them that you have every intention to pay them back but you don’t have the funds ready at the moment. They will be willing to work out some kind of arrangements and offer you extensions. If you avoid speaking to them, they will start calling you on the phone and send collection notices with the thoughts that you are showing your avoidance.

Planning is very important before any unexpected happens. Unemployment can raise its ugly head anytime and you should be well prepared before it happens. Your plans should include creating an emergency fund to cover up the living expenses including your mortgage, car, student and other installment loans, besides having enough funds to cover your credit card payments for the next six months. Purchasing credit insurance will certainly make your plans concrete. Just like you will refill the gas tank of your car before going out for a long journey and check for any mechanical problems, you will have to make arrangements and proper planning in your life, because the journey might get bumpy when you are hit with an emergency.

Smart shopping tips on credit cards

During the holiday season, most of us use credit cards to make the purchases and pay the balance later. This is a real life saver when you don’t have enough cash. You can do the holiday shopping intelligently by credit card. Make sure that you stick to the rules and don’t exceed your spending limits.

Make a list of all the items that you will need in your vacation and will be purchasing on your credit card. You don’t want to buy just anything that comes to your way and do the last minute shopping.

Set your spending limits. Look at your financial position realistically. You should be able to afford your vacation and the gifts before you go for it. The amount you will be spending now on credit cards needs to be paid back later. So, don’t try to overspend and as a result, it becomes tough for you to catch up later. Credit card companies will be charging you highest interest rates if you don’t pay them in full within the billing cycle.

After you have set your spending limits, list down all the items that you consider essential for the holiday season. Every small thing should be penned down, like if you send holiday cards to your friends each year, it should be included in your total amount to be spent. We all like to host Christmas dinners and invite our friends and families and share the good moments. Before you throw out a party, make sure that you know how much will be the total amount spent. Trees, decorations, small gifts, food items and all other important things should be factored in your holiday budget. Once you have done it, you can go for the big purchases on your credit card.

It is also important to find out a place that’s economical and from where you will be doing the shopping. If you have a retail store credit cards that offers discounts or rewards, you would like to do the purchases from that store. You will be saving more money in that store from the other one who does not have any offers or discounts. Try to do your holiday shopping on credit card couple of months in advance. Prices of almost all items get high as the festival time comes closer. Also, by shopping few months in advance, you will be able to take the advantage of the sales as they come.

Once the festive season is over, make sure that you pay off the credit card balance as soon as possible. You don’t want to have your debts hanging over your head for a long time. Let’s say, you don’t want to pay your last year Christmas bills until October this year. Try to pay off the balance as soon as possible. If you foresee a credit card balance, shop with a lower interest rate credit card. Be realistic on your credit card spending.

Holiday spending can be within your limits. It should not make you stressful. If you are well aware of your present financial situation, you can wisely use your credit card and do the holiday purchase. Follow the spending rules and you will enjoy your holiday season.

Right credit card for average credit

You will find many articles on the internet focusing customers with either good credit or bad credit. Here is an article that will focus more on the people with average credit. People with moderate credit scores don’t see a chance to qualify for the best credit card offers from the credit issuers. They are stuck in somewhere between.

In this article about credit cards, people with moderate credit scores will be able to figure out the appropriate credit card for them. Learn how to find the best credit card deal with favorable terms and conditions if your credit rating is just average.

It is seen that people with fair to average credit often have a spotty credit profile. They find themselves in such a situation because of their past credit mistakes. It can also be possible that people starting to establish new credit will have a moderate credit history. They are making steps towards improving their credit profile in the long run.

The best credit card deals are not for the people with moderate credit. Credit card issuers grant this option to those people only whose credit scores are high enough and will be approved instantly. But when you have an average credit, credit card company will look into your credit report and find out more information about your credit activity. They want to make sure that you don’t end up being a large risk to their finance. It does take time to get everything in order.

When you are reviewing different credit card offers, make sure that you pay close attention to the details furnished within that offer rather than just accepting new credit from any company. If you are not cautious about the fees and interest charges, you will mess up your finance drastically.

Your financial habits will determine which credit card you qualify for. If you are an informed customer, you should check the annual fees, review fee-free credit cards with moderate interest rates. If you are well disciplined, you will not carry the outstanding balance to the next billing cycle. You will highly benefit from such credit card.

You will find many articles about credit cards on different websites. There are many people who think that they won’t qualify with a credit card company because of their average credit scores. There are lots of best credit card deals targeting different sections of customers and you may be one of them. Credit card company will figure out from your credit history whether you pay back the full amount within the due dates. Even if your scores are not very high, they will be happy to offer you new credit line rather than someone who has very high scores but has been defaulting in his payments in the recent times or not paying the full amount. Your ability to pay off your debts is the most important factor to any credit grantor.

Make sure that you review your credit report regularly. You don’t want to see any inaccurate item reported on your file which is hurting your credit scores. If you are able to take care of the errors in time, you will certainly qualify for the best credit card deals with moderate scores.

Suitable advice on debt management

Many people are struggling constantly with their debts. Once you have fallen into debts, it is more likely that the outstanding balance will keep on getting higher because you have limited funds available and your minimum payments is going towards the interests and fees. Before you get too late, it is time to find out ways to tackle the situation and find the suitable debt management program. The moment you have started shopping with different companies, every company will claim that they have the best offer for you and resolve your debt related problems. While not all the companies are bad, but you should definitely be pro-active and find the reliable debt management company before being scammed.

Search for different online debt management companies. There are many reputed companies on the Better Business Bureau in your area who will offer you good debt advice, free tips and pointers on what you should do to tackle your debt problems. You will get unbiased information from the counsellors of a reputed debt management company and they can tailor the program according to your requirements.

Being in debts is a very depressing situation. You not only are having problems to come out of it, but additionally, it is ruining up your credit altogether. This is certainly making life tougher. Even if you are looking for a new loan from different creditors to pay off some existing debts, they will consider you as a big risk to their finance. This is the time when some scam company will try to get all your personal information and therefore, you will fall deeper into debt.

If you don’t have any experience of a debt management program, talk to different debt counsellors who can work out a plan for you. Don’t give your personal information right away. First, take their free quote and review their fine prints. Make sure that everything is documented very clearly and there are no hidden terms after you have enrolled in their program.

There are different debt management companies who offer free online counselling, debt advice, debt calculators to work out a suitable plan and tell how long it will take to complete the program and necessary costs involved. When you are using a debt consolidation calculator, you will be able to enter all your financial details and discover instantly, how much your monthly payments and interest rates would be in a specific plan. If your repayments are lower, the duration of the program will be longer and the monthly fees will be charged until the end of the program. These calculators can be found in almost all websites offering debt management programs. Be sure that you have done the calculations from your end before speaking to a debt counsellor.

Go online and do a search on different keywords like debt advice, debt consolidation programs. This way you will be able to find out different websites offering such programs. You will be able to compare the services from each company before you make the final decision about which one is the right for you. There are many scam companies on the internet. So, make sure that you check the debt management company on the better business bureau and the local attorney general’s office.

Right type of debt management program will reduce your financial worries

While you are considering for a debt management program, be sure that you have a proper understanding of the services offered by the company working on eliminating your debts. You should know more on the debt management loans and find out more details on the advocacy programs.
  • Different types of debt management services: The counselor assisting in your debt management program will offer you different options and you should be able to pick the right plan working in your case. The plan has to be designed in such a way so that you are not only eliminating your existing debts but you are also finding out ways of not to fall into this situation again.
  • Non profit debt management services: There are a few debt management consultants or companies that are non-profit. When they say non profit, it does not mean that they are not charging you a fee for their services and they are working from some charity organizations. It means that their cost of services is comparatively less from other debt management companies. Non profit organizations don’t charge for the basic services such as education. You may consider for their programs but make sure that you have checked for their accredited non profit debt counseling and debt management services.
  • Debt management loans: There are many debt management companies who offer debt consolidation loans to consumers. You can get one consolidation loan to pay back all the existing debts. Many people often find it strange to take another loan when you are already going through problems with your multiple debts. There are several reasons for considering a debt consolidation loan. When you take one debt consolidation loan, it means that you can use this amount to pay off all other debts and have one interest rate on the debt consolidation loan. These loans come with a variety of options for different people. These loans can be offered at longer terms and lower interest rates, making the monthly payment plan more realistic. If you are considering for a debt consolidation loan, make sure that you are disciplined and focus on paying off your debts before considering for new credit.
  • Debt management scheduled payment plans: Many people in the debt management program consider this as a perfect option. You are able to set up a scheduled payment plan with your creditors through your debt management service provider. The monthly payments are tailored according to your present financial situation. Make sure that you are working with a reputed debt management company because your monthly payments with your creditors will be negotiated by the debt counselor and your accounts need to remain current in the program. You will be sending money to the debt management company and if it is not sent to your creditors in time, you end up with higher interest rates, late fees and more in debts. Don’t fall in the hands of a scam company.
  • Educational programs: There are many debt management companies who offer education packages for consumers. By enrolling into some counseling sessions, you can learn how to come out of debts and avoid falling into it in future, how to select reasonable loans and control your spending habits. You will also get tips on budgeting so that you are disciplined and focus on your current financial situation. Many companies offer these programs free or at very nominal costs. We all should enroll into this program so that we have a clear understanding of how to use money and credit. This type of service can be invaluable in staying out of debt in the future.

Things to remember before going to a credit counselor

When you will go to a credit counselor to discuss about your bad credit and importantly to improve it, the query that the counselor will run is that whether you will be able to change your spending habits or not. This is not that you have to spot them because the counselor told you; the actual thing is that you have to stop them anyway if you really want to repair your credit.

But here you have to make it clear that whether you really require the help of a professional counselor or not. It is sure that in 90% cases you are not at all the best person to handle credit matters, if you were then your credit wouldn’t have messed up. So, you need an experience professional counselor who is in deal with other person like you and who can understand the credit game well.

When you have decided that you will go to a credit counselor to get things back in track, you have to show your initiative that you really want to repair your credit by curtailing spending habit. The ultimate thing is that show your serious intention before your credit counselor that you want good credit from now on.