Mutual find investing is better for low risk takers

Are you planning to invest? But worried about where to invest! You are suppose not too convinced about the play in Stock market. If you are having this problem then it is better to invest in Mutual fund as they are more secured than Stock or Shares. Mutual fund investment may not give you that much higher return that stocks can give you but it will give relatively secured high return. For stock market or share marker investment you are not aware of the fact of all aspects of a company, in one angle the company may look good but you don’t know the other part of it. If you still want to invest in stock market then don’t invest the total amount in one company. The company may be a blue chip company, but still diversify your amount of investment in pretty similar respected companies. This is called portfolio management. It will reduce the risk in all companies. The advantage of portfolio management is that one companies lose can be covered by others profit.

If you can’t manage your portfolio then mutual fund is the best possible option for you. One thing is that the mutual fund investors can’t see the day to day growth of their fund whereas stock market investors can find it in a second. But still for new comer or those who don’t want to take too much risk, mutual fund investment is best for them.

Stock market falls on Inflation report

After a jump in the consumer inflation rate, stock market falls on Friday. This is due to the concerns of the consumers on how much the Federal Reserve can cut off the interest rates. More than 100 points have lost by the Dow Jones Industrial average. Report says there is huge increase in the price of clothing, prescribed drugs and air tickets.

Senior Economist at PNC Financial Service Group, Robert Dye, said “the economic readings this week painted a mixed picture for investors, spurring some of the market's volatility.”

He also said, "If you take the stronger-than-expected economic data we saw this week in the form of retail sales and add to that the inflation data and then combine that with a somewhat ambiguous statement from the Fed, you get a picture as clear as mud."

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Credit Repair Scams

Probably we have heard about credit repair scams. But we need to know how it happens. What are the ways the scammers misguide people through their program. Actually it is not possible to repair anyones credit in a day. It it a long process, in fact it takes years to get repaired. No one can help you in this regard, you are the best person to help yourself. So why waste more money on some unhygienic areas. Try to consult with any professional and make a plan with proper budget, you will surely make your credit good after few days.

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