Resonate Your Way to a Job

The title of this article might sound too sure of itself, but chances are you are going about your search unsuccessfully. If you are an unemployed American, looking for a job might feel like a hopeless misadventure. A lot of unemployed and underemployed people have given up the search because they are not receiving calls back from anyone.

Millions of Americans wake up each day and waste time on sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist with no prospects ever contacting them back. Even worse, sites like these tend to have hidden scammers who scan resumes and prey on unsuspecting job hopefuls. Instead of wasting time on these dead end job boards, there are more effective ways to get your name heard and land a job.

Skip the Corporate Website

When applying for a job at a corporate retailer or other large company, job-seekers usually have to go through a long process of filling out repetitive resume forms and completing online surveys. While this may be a great way to make extra income on the side, it is the wrong approach to take while looking for a corporate job.

Making personal contact with human resource personnel is a much more effective way to land a career. Research the company you are applying for and make a call, send an email, or visit in person. The person in charge of hiring will still ask you to fill out the application, but will attach a real name and face to it instead of just clicking delete.

Think Smaller

Have you ever watched the news and seen politicians complaining about the taxes being imposed on small businesses? They always say that they can't create new jobs without lower taxes, but where are the jobs to begin with? According to an article on Fast Company, small business owners use word of mouth to hire their employees instead of relying on job boards. Next time you are out at a bar, strike up a conversation with someone because they might be your new boss.


If you are getting by doing freelance work for companies, you might find working out of the office social inhibiting. By joining a coworking office you can get your work done with a group of peers while making social connections that could lead to jobs. Even if you don't make a job connection, you won't be stranded by yourself come lunchtime.

Social Media

If you really want to work for a company, you should follow them on social media. Not only will this allow you to keep up with company news, it will give you the chance to network with its employees. By making smart and concise remarks to their social media posts, your name will resonate with hiring managers and CEO's.

People who don't speak up usually don't get their opinions heard. People who don't network usually don't get jobs.

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High interest saving account

People who have been able to keep some money aside in the banks are considered to be very lucky. It is important to have some savings but because of the regular and unexpected expenses faced in the everyday life, it is not always possible.

Anyone who has some extra income would be better off to have a savings account in any bank. He will have something to hang on to when the going gets rough for him financially.

The proper formula of budgeting is to have income less savings equals expenses. However, the economy has become so worse these days that people adopt a different formula and that is income less expenses equals savings.

After meeting with the everyday costs, it is often found that there is nothing left after deducting the expenses. What more, there are even more expenses that have not been expended even after the deductions. In order to get some financial help, people open a high interest saving account as an emergency kit.

Banks have different terms and conditions for a savings account. The interest rates are calculated on the basis of the period by which the savings account will be left with the bank without withdrawals.

Those who want to keep a closer watch on their savings account should go through the passbook regularly. You can also maintain a file of all the ATM transactions issued by the bank at regular intervals.

High interest savings account are the most sought after type of savings account because this is how people make money out of their savings. Savings account are considered to be the most important financial background and security for an individual. It is very easy to set up a savings account on the internet. It will also help you to research and compare different savings channels.