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US stock market stumbles on credit worries

US stock market still fell down on Wednesday on the worry of credit crunch and fallout from housing downturn.

Senior vice president and market strategist at D.A. Davidson & Co in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Frederic Dickson said, "Yesterday was just a reflex rally. We're back to the good old wait-and-see posture, waiting for tomorrow's CPI announcement,"

"I think a lot of traders realize that the overall situation hasn't changed a whole lot, with yesterday's rally notwithstanding. There are more mortgage-rate resets on the horizon."

Dow Jones Industrial dropped 83.16 points and ends at 13,223.93. S&P closed at 1,470.33 after a fall of 10.59 points. Nasdaq finished at 2,644.32 after a fall of 29.33 points.

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