How to reclaim your payment protection insurance?

You must be one of the many UK citizens who has a loan, credit card or a mortgage. You must be paying for payment protection insurance that has been added on by your lender.

PPI will cover payments on your debts if you are unable to meet payments when you become unemployed or are injured and unable to work. As per the recent survey, only 18% of the claims on PPI policies are ever successful, exclusion clauses that are effectively loopholes mean that insurers don't have to pay out if you were unemployed when you took out the policy, or had a pre-existing medical condition. This shocking situation means that the banks have made huge profits by forcing customers to take out policies when there was no need to buy a policy.

You can now reclaim your PPI, leaving the banks facing a wave of claims against them for misselling payment protection insurance to their customers.

How to do PPI reclaim?

Write letters to your bank requesting for a refund. If they say no, you need to write letters again and threaten them with “FOS” - the Financial Ombudsman's Service. The bank will again say NO. You need to duplicate your first letter and in addition, declare your intent to pursue legal action and support from the financial ombudsman

Banks know that they are doing wrong and will keep on denying your claim. They will never admit it and once they are ready to settle, it will be worded as a "good-will" gesture. It can take up to a year to settle a claim if you appeal through FOS. The banks also try harder to dismiss your "Cyber Cookie Cutter" claim because they know that these template letters are easily available on the internet and people claiming know less about their rights.

The simplest way to reclaim PPI to contact a claims company. These companies have all the experience to claim back your payments, and they will also deal with the claims departments at the banks on a day to day basis. You will always be able to pursue this sort of claim on a no win no fee basis.

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Credit cards Canada

There are number of credit card companies in Canada. You should not have any problems in getting a credit card as long as you have a good credit standing. There are a number of financial service banks and providers and they will select the right credit card service providers for you.

There are a number of ways in initiating the application process for credit cards Canada. Online application process is a lot easier and faster than that of actual applications wherein the individual personally visits the main office of the credit card provider. It is important for you to find out the right credit card otherwise you will fall in bigger problems if you end up signing with a wrong company.

While shopping with different credit card companies, it is important to check the APR or the annual percentage rate before finalizing any credit card. There are two types of credit cards to select from. One is secured credit card and the other one is unsecured credit card.

Getting a secured credit card means that you must have an excellent credit history. Application forms of secured credit cards are processed faster than that of unsecured credit cards. Those who don't have a very good credit history can go for an unsecured credit card.

The interest rates on both types of credit cards are very high. Therefore, it becomes very important to compare one credit card provider to the next.

When you are applying for a credit card in Canada, it is important that you have a good credit history before you shop with different lenders. Most of the credit card companies offer credit cards when you are ready to show a collateral against the credit. There are a number of credit card service providers, hence it is important for the individual to do some background check on the company.

Web portals and online journals serve as big guides in finding a good credit card. Canadian financial organizations often offer 411 seminars on the selection of credit card and the maintenance of a credit card standing at different times of the year. It is important that you know the terms and conditions of the credit card before signing for one.


The Power of Using a Car Finance Calculator

Getting a new vehicle is an exciting time and regardless as to whether you are buying brand new or a used model, finding the right one takes time and effort.

However, in order to avoid falling into unmanageable levels of debt it is equally important to thoroughly research how the purchase will be paid for and this is where a car finance calculator can be a real asset.

The majority of motorists have to rely on some kind of finance when buying a vehicle. Credit cards, personal loans as well as car finance are all options which are used to fund the purchase.

Many people make the decision about how and where to borrow money based on the monthly repayments but this can be misleading as loans taken out over a longer period of time can end up costing far more despite being cheaper on a monthly basis.

Before decide where to go for the money, it is a good idea to run your figures through a car finance calculator as this will help you determine not only how much money you will be repaying each month, but also the total amount the credit will cost over the whole term.

An online calculator also lets you take your time in mulling over the figures, perhaps returning to previous calculations, in order to work out what is affordable, without the pressure of a salesperson keeping one eye on their watch to see how much of their valuable time your dithering is costing them.

The internet has a whole host of free car finance calculators so even if the garage you are planning to buy from doesn't have a website, it is easy to enter the figures into one of the other calculators available to work out how much the deal is going to cost.

The best type of finance calculators offer a more flexible way of working out the figures. If you know how much you want to spend and the deposit you are able to contribute, the calculator can determine how much money you can borrow. This can sometimes be an easier way to find
out your maximum loan rather playing with the amount borrowed until the repayments reach an affordable level.

Car finance calculators also allow you to work out the difference a decent deposit will make and whether you will earn more interest from keeping some of the cash in the bank in a good savings account, or whether it is worth putting as much as possible as a down-payment to reduce the amount financed.

As well as the amount payable and interest rates, a car finance calculator also provides the facility to experiment with the term of the loan. Longer loans will invariably mean cheaper monthly repayments but for older vehicles, this could mean you end up repaying a loan for a vehicle which is no longer on the road, a very disheartening state of affairs.

The key to getting the most out of a car finance calculator is having a clear idea as to what you can honestly afford.

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