Basic knowledge on Financial Markets and Investment

We all want to invest our excess money in financial markets but many of us fail to get success because of lack of understanding of the market. It is really important to have a good knowledge over financial market before investing. Financial market can be divided into two parts: Money Market and Stock Exchange Market.

The money market mainly deals in short-term loans. High street banks and building societies are dominating the money market, whereas stock exchange market deals with the securities which are negotiable. Stock market can also be divided into two parts, Primary Market and Secondary Market. Primary market involves in the new issues of shares and bonds, on the other hand Secondary market deals with the selling and buying of second hand shares and bonds. In fact the major transactions of the stock market involves in the secondary market.

If you are in a plan of a long term investment then you should invest your money in shares through any Insurance policy or Pension Finds policy. So know about the market and its situation better when you are going to invest.


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